Welcome to El Camino Academy's website which has been created to reflect what Christ is doing in our corner of the world and to give information which will help others to be involved in prayer, service, and participation in our community life. We welcome former, current, and future students, teachers, family members, and friends to join us in celebrating the work God is doing IN and THROUGH El Camino Academy (ECA) in Bogotá, Colombia.


Felipe Barrios Scholarship

Felipe Barrios came to El Camino Academy in middle school and was known for his perseverance, focus and positive relationships with his peers and the whole community. Felipe studied hard, played soccer with drive, and intentionally improved his English with determination. Felipe graduated in 2005 from ECA and moved on to study International Business Administration in La Sabana and then got his specialization in commercial management. He was active in Centro Empresarial Fe y Accion and was an example to many of the younger generation there.


OBED Annual Convention for Christian Teachers

ECA will be participating in this excellent professional development opportunity on Friday and Saturday, March 6-7 that will be held at Centro Empresarial Fe y Acción (Calle 195 55-85 Vía Club El Rancho, Bogotá). We expect over 600 participants from all over the country to come together to be challenged in the 19th annual convention. Colegios Cristianos, Comunidades Transformadoras is the theme and there will be plenary sessions, workshops and plenty of interaction with other educators.

Also, the preconvention theme this year is teaching English as a second language, and the all-day workshop will be held at ECA on Thu, March 5. If you know of any Christian teachers who might want to attend either the preconvention or the convention itself, have them contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (320) 230-7480 for more details. Early bird discounts go through February 15. Friday, March 6 is a half day at ECA to allow more of our academic team to contribute and participate.


Housing Need

At the annual OBED convention, teachers that serve in low-income schools come from all over Colombia. Over 50 Christian teachers coming from out of town are asking if there is the possibility of a couch or bed for Thursday and Friday nights, March 6-7. If you are willing to share hospitality with one of these teachers who serve children in difficult circumstances, contact the ECA office.


Parent Workshops

The next parent workshops will be concurrent with the Seminars for Parents of College- Bound Students (see the College Counselor’s Corner in the Secondary section) planned for 7:45 – 9:15a on Tue/Wed, Mar 17/18 and April 21/22. These are repeats of sessions presented during the Parent Educational Workshops on January 31, so if you missed them, here’s your opportunity!

Mar 17/18

Reading Aloud to Children of All Ages
We all want our children to love reading. This workshop is an overview of research on why reading aloud is important to all ages, with tips for choosing books.
By Sarah Trussell (Elem Teacher)

April 21/22

Student Organization 101 - Binders, Planners, and Staying Organized
Does your child lose things? Do they struggle to stay organized and to remember when things are due? Come and learn about some proven techniques to help them take responsibility and improve their organizational skills.
By Jake Carlson (HS Teacher)


Half Day March 6

Fri, March 6 is a half day at ECA to allow our academic team to participate in the OBED Convention. All students must be picked up at noon, except students authorized to stay for the special play rehearsal. Due to the half day, there will be no afterschool soccer that day.

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