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The following is a list of additional documents that must be turned in during Step #5 of the admissions process. Please turn them in in the order they are listed.

A. Parent Documents

1. A recent family photo with all individuals identified.
2. Both parents' current cédulas. These must be brought to the registrar’s office to be scanned.
3. Passports, if foreigners or Colombians with dual nationality. These must be brought to the registrar’s office to be scanned.
4. Income certification for both parents from a company, mission, or church. Certification must not be more than 30 days old.

  • If one of the parents does not receive income, he or she must submit a letter stating this.
  • If a parent or parents are self-employed (independent), a statement signed by an accountant certifying income; attach copies of the accountant's ID, professional card, and phone number.
5.  Declaración de renta (not applicable to foreigners)
6. Paz y salvo from the previous school in Colombia
7. Doctrinal statement of your church or mission if it is one ECA does not have on file.

B. Student Documents

  1.  Birth certificate.
  2.  Tarjeta de identidad (Colombian students) or visa (foreign students).
  3. Cédula de extranjería (foreign students)
  4.  Student health insurance card (to be scanned at school - no photos or copies).
  5.  Letter of recommendation from the youth pastor or Sunday school teacher.
  6.  For Pre-K - 2nd grade students: a student-drawn picture of his/her family with any labels or explanations the child wants to add.
  7. For 3rd - 12th grade students: a handwritten autobiography in English for which the student receives no help either human or technological. It should include a description of the family, places the student has lived, interesting things the student has done, hobbies, schools attended, and experience with God. Length: 1-2 paragraphs for 3rd-6th graders; 2-3 paragraphs for 7th-12th graders.

C. Academic Records

1.   For students coming from a Colombian school:

  • entering K- 5th: the original final grade certificates (certificado de desempeño) from the last 2 years (no photos or copies).
  • entering 6th - 12th: the original final grade certificates (certificado de desempeño) from each school year from 5th grade up (no photos or copies).

2.    For students coming from a school in another country:

  • entering 1st - 9th: copies (not photos) of the last two year-end report cards as well as the partial report for the year in progress when applicable.
  • entering 10th - 12th: official high school transcript and a copy (not photo) of the 8th grade report card.

3.   Relevant test results from psychologist, psychiatrist or learning specialist when applicable.


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