I am excited to be focusing on our ECA alumni connections. This year, one of our goals is to improve our communication and connections with our ECA alumni community that now numbers over 300. Though each of you have your own unique experiences and memories, there are some shared threads of camaraderie and strong relationships, of bilingual conversations, of serving, of retreats and chapels, of plays and soccer, of teacher interactions and of walking the halls of El Camino Academy.

I want to invite you to become engaged with our El Camino world, even though you are no longer here on a daily basis. There are a number of ways you can connect. You are always invited to visit campus if you are around. If you can give us a heads up before coming, we can better organize a few key people that you might want to see. If you don’t have the chance to let us know ahead of time, you are still invited. Check in with our receptionist, and we will try to make sure you get a tour. If you are around during our lunch time, we would like to invite you to have lunch (once a year on us) with one of your former teachers or administrators and catch us up on what you are doing. We like you to rejoice with us over renovations, new programs, and improvements. When possible, we love you to interact with our current students to inspire, challenge or teach them lessons you have learned. Your experiences are very valuable. You are always considered a special guest if you can join us for our opening picnic on August 7, Celebrate Colombia, our spring play, and, of course, graduation, where you can welcome in the newest ECA alumni.

The annual alumni brunch is typically held a Saturday morning before Christmas, or the day following the last first- semester exams. We love hosting you on this day and try to have updates, activities, and good food, plus some fun prizes to honor YOU! Save the date now for December 2018!

We are thankful when you serve as an ambassador for ECA, sharing our mission with prospective families, other alumni, and possible ECA teachers. If you need help to reconnect with former classmates or teachers or to get an update on campus happenings or find out info about future events, do not hesitate to contact me. I always enjoy finding out what is going on with our alumni and to know any ways in which we can be supportive.

Hope to be in contact with you this 2018!

Beth Afanador

As ECA continues to grow and change, we want to keep all members of our community up-to-date and in contact with the community that we have worked hard to create. As ECA alumni, we value your memories, input, and lives as a major part of how we, as a Christian community, enter into the world in faith and action. To keep in contact with each other and the school community, or to ask an alumni-related question, send an email to alumni@eca.edu.co.