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Devotional - Ephesians 6:2
Devotional - Ephesians 6:2

“Honor your father and mother” –
which is the first commandment with a promise –
Ephesians 6:2 NIV

Many things have been said about this verse. We are called to honor our parents, to obey them, and we even have a promise if we follow this commandment. But are we ready, as parents, for our children to honor us? Can our children honor us when we incite them to lie?

When the phone rings and you tell your child to say that you’re not home, don’t expect your child to honor you. In that case, your son or daughter should not be obedient because you are asking them to lie. The commandment to obey your parents is only a commandment if parents are asking their children to do things that honor the Lord.

The best thing to do as parents is to teach our children to honor the Lord. That way, we will be honored too. The only way to teach our children is with our good example. If you want your children to exercise, let your children see you exercising. If you want your children to read the Bible, let your children see you reading the Bible. If you want your children to pray, let your children see you praying. You don’t have to establish the spiritual disciplines by command; you just need to practice the spiritual disciplines yourself, and your children will follow you.

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