English Classes

Are you interested in learning/improving your English or Spanish? We are reinstituting the ECA Language Institute – ECALI! Various levels of classes started last Thu, Aug 23, but you can still join a class. Classes are every Thursday at 3:30p – 4:45, except days when there is no school or a ½ day:  Aug 30, Oct 11, Oct 18, and Nov 22. There will be 10 instructional classes, with a review class (Nov 29) and a final exam/evaluation (Dec 6).

Cost is now $300.000. If both parents decide to join there will be a 50% discount for one parent. To sign up, write to ecali@eca.edu.co. Payment can be 1) made at the cashier’s window or 2) deposited in our Bancolombia cuenta corriente # 932-0726 6053 under the name Asociación Educando con Cristo, with the deposit slip sent to cashier@eca.edu.co.

These classes have been scheduled to correspond with the after-school extracurricular activities, so take advantage of this opportunity!



  1. Paola Fonseca

    Sugiero que tengan horarios en las mañanas también, pues a las 3 pm es imposible.

    1. ECA Media department

      Gracias por la sugerencia. Por este semestre las clases serán en el horario establecido.

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