• That ECA was approved for a loan from Bancolombia to be able to continue our construction over the summer. Though the Board is still making decisions about the best way to use this money, the idea is to pay the loan back ASAP, so pray for resources to come in soon!
  • That our construction license was renewed and instead of the expected January 2019 deadline, we now have until January 2020 to finish building, with the possibility of a 1-year renewal after that. We are very thankful for this extension so that we can build without the pressure of not finishing before the license expires. This does not mean that we no longer need to raise funds; it just allows us to be more realistic with our building dreams.
  • Teachers Day 2018For the Teacher Day celebration our academic staff enjoyed. They had a very nice lunch and received lots of cards and gifts from administrative staff, students, and families. Thank you for letting them know how special they are.
  • For our seniors who have invested up to 13 years of their lives here at ECA. We are thankful for all we have learned with and from them. We pray that God is guiding each one as they move into the next chapter of their lives.

  • For Erika Castiblanco’s (our director’s assistant) May 17 graduation, with her degree in Business Management from Universidad Manuela Beltrán! She has taken many years of classes and done many projects to reach this goal and ECA has already benefitted greatly from her insights and training.
  • For the full scholarship David Izquierdo (2018) received for La Sabana! He won the Beca Emprendimiento (Beca Excelencia) del programa de Administración de Empresas de la Universidad de La Sabana, which covers 100% of his studies. Congratulations, David!


  • For the three teachers still needed for 2018-19: PK, HS math, and HS science. Pray that God will bring the teachers He wants to invest in our students and to be part of our team. We have a math teacher who is filling out an application this week.
  • For our continued construction process…pray for safety for the workers as the walls go up, for wisdom for those making decisions, for funds to keep moving, and for integrity in all that is done.
  • For the elections this Sunday – pray for a peaceful process, wise choices, and integrity in the whole procedure.

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