Praise and Prayer 2018


  • For our new Accounting Clerk, Glorifé Dávila! She is from Venezuela, and will be helping in the accounting office.
  • For the eight lawyers who met together to give input and advice to our administration regarding legal ramifications and documentation we need to keep in mind as we deal with safety measures for our students as they participate in field trips, retreats, service trips, and other outings.
  • For the intensive training our missionary team received during the October break to help them have more tools for godly fundraising for their personal needs as well as for projects like our construction.
  • For the great time the 7th and 8th graders had on the September 27-28 retreat in Amigos Del Campo. We had some great teachings and discussions about the importance of confession and prayer within Christian community, and about the importance of filling ourselves up with the things of God and not the things of the world. We also had lots of fun playing games, swimming, and exploring the beautiful river there. Pray that the things the students learned will be put into practice in their lives.
  • For PK’s Creation Day, when classes enjoyed a fun afternoon with families to finish their unit about creation. Parents and students dressed up as a day of creation and paraded through the school. Then they enjoyed fun activities as a family back in the classroom.

PK Creation activity


  • For Beth Afanador’s recruiting trip starting Oct 15 when she will be seeking contacts with possible teachers and staff members to come to ECA. She will be visiting universities and colleges and speaking in classes, participating in recruiting fairs, and making personal contacts with university faculty and students. Pray as she travels in IL, IN, IA, MI, VA, NC, and Ontario, Canada knocking on doors for the needed staff.
  • For Patty Macías, who is still recovering from shingles. We hope to see her back at school after the October break.
  • For our students who were selected to represent ECA at the Beth Shalom speech contest Word and Truth 2018 on Thu, Oct 25. Our students will tell stories, recite poetry, or preach the Word of God.


  1. helena robles

    Estaremos orando, nos alegra que Paty M esté de vuelta.

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