Baby Gear Needed

The Afanador family is excited to receive their kids and 5 grandkids for a visit in late January and early February. Since the grandkids will be ages 4, 3, and 2, along with two 1-year-olds, we are trying to borrow some baby, toddler, and pre-school equipment so their parents won’t have to be quite so loaded down as they travel. If you have a car seat, Pack and Play crib, carrier, high chair (especially a portable one to bring to a restaurant or a short trip), or other useful item that you are open to lending for 3 weeks, contact for more details. THANKS in advance!

MasterChef Offer

Somos Royal Prestige patrocinadores de MasterChef. Participa de una experiencia de cocina saludable y nutrición en la comodidad de tu casa y con tu núcleo familiar; esta experiencia no tiene ningún costo. Nuestro representante Francisco Rodriguez Cepeda (exempleado de ECA) agendará una cita para prepararte un almuerzo o cena. Número celular WhatsApp 318-587-3950;

Medicina Interna

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