Language Learning


All parents (and your friends) are invited to join our ECA staff in weekly language classes (Spanish and English) that are held on Thursdays from 3:20p – 4:35 at ECA. Classes are interactive and small, with a focus on conversation and practical language use. Teachers are ECA staff or alumni, and we call our mini language institute ECALI for ECA Language Institute.

Cost is $300.000 for the semester for 12 classes. Materials cost between $30.000 and $110.000. Your level doesn’t matter – beginners, intermediate and advanced level students are all welcome!

If you have questions, write or call the office. To register, just pay at the cashier window, or deposit your class fee in our Bancolombia account, cuenta corriente # 932-0726 6053 under the name Asociación Educando con Cristo, and send a copy of the deposit slip to with your name and clarification that it is for ECALI.

Those who sign up, try to arrive by 3:10p so we can begin classes on time. Classes began last Thursday, but since you have missed only one class, you can still join. Dates are Jan 31May 16 except Feb 7, Apr 11 and 18, and May 2, and classes are posted on the Bulletin’s Month at a Glance calendar.


If you have an ECA student who would like to participate in extracurricular activities during this same time (3:20p – 4:35) you can sign them up by writing to Art & Soccer cost $100.000 and Computer Programming costs $230.000. Due to low enrollment, on Jan 31 we had all students involved in extracurriculars start in Art class. We hope that next week we can start Soccer and Computer Programming.



  1. Lauren Becker

    Will there be extra curricular activities again?? My kids loved this and would be willing to pay more for this service. Please consider doing this again!

    1. ECA Media Department

      Students interested in signing up for 2nd semester after-school extracurricular activities need to submit a signed form to Mrs. Suárez or send a scanned copy to Check last week’s Bulletin for more information.

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