Below is a summary of the instructions sent to all parents on either Oct 2 or 3 with details of how parents or students are to report their family field trips. All reports are due to Spanish teachers by Mon, Dec 2.


  1. Parents need to click the link in the email to fill out the online form.
  2. Parents also need to send evidence of the field trips as attachments to an email sent directly to their children’s Spanish teachers. Acceptable evidence includes: pictures, scanned drawings of the event, entrance ticket stubs, etc.


Students are responsible to fill out an online form, and they were given all the instructions they need. Parents do not need to submit any reports for their secondary children.



  1. Laura Garzon

    Good morning… Would it be possible to get the link to fill out the form for Kinder… The link we received in the attached document received from the Spanish teacher seems to be not working.

    Thank you

    1. ECA Media Department

      Good morning,
      The Colombian program assistant will be in contact to help you with this request.

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