Praise and Prayer 2018


  • For His guidance, blessing, and protection for the mission trips our high school students, staff, and alumni went on. They put a lot of hard work into expanding the Kingdom of God on earth the last 2 weeks. We especially praise the Lord for His protection of the Guajira team on the road. We will post each leader’s wrap-up report with highlights and prayer requests here later this week. You can also find the daily reports there.
  • For the beautiful night worshiping the Lord with ECA alumni guiding us to adore Him through music. There were 80 of us – alumni, students, staff, and parents – and the fundraising team sold some delicious empanadas.
  • For Emily Devries‘ visit before Easter, as she was able to check ECA out more before coming in August to serve on our staff team for the 2019-20 school year. We look forward to having her lead our yearbook team and help with other media-related areas, as well as to her investing in our Bible and discipleship program.


  • For the needed staff for 2019-20 … we still need God to provide teachers for PK, K, 1st, 2nd, MS math, Bible, science, and language arts/social studies, HS Bible and science, and music for K-12. We also need a Learning Center specialist and a database administrator/webmaster as well as an elementary and a MS principal. Join us in seeking these miracles!
  • For our Missions Week this week with the theme of Transforming our World. ECA alumni who are serving the Lord in missions around the world will join us, some live and others through videos, to share how God called them into missions, the steps they took to become missionaries, and some remarkable or memorable moments they have had as missionaries. Pray that many of our ECA students will be listening to God’s voice about their part, present or future, in participating in missions.

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  1. Monica

    We are praying that our students will impact their world with the message and love of Jesus Christ.

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