Praise and prayer


  • For the five missionary staff candidates who are currently in the application process for the 2020-21 school year, and for four others who have expressed their intention to apply in the near future. Pray as we check references, answer questions, and seek God’s guidance for each possible ECA teacher/staff member.
  • For the privilege we have had of being blessed with Lorena Salazar Carrillo’s talents and godly example for the past 2.5 years as our elementary principal’s assistant. We will miss her as she and her family move to Panama due to her husband’s transfer.
  • For the loving parent community that blessed our staff with wonderful Thanksgiving baskets! Your generosity was a great encouragement to our team!


  • For Colombia during these days of unrest and tension. Pray for:
    • Wisdom for all those involved in seeking long-term solutions to the variety of issues
    • Peaceful and effective communication
    • Safety and protection for all citizens and police/armed forces
    • Hope and wisdom for those whose businesses and property have been affected
    • Our leaders to have creativity and strength to deal with the complex challenges.
  • For ECA mom Nora López, who needs an expensive new medicine to help in her ongoing battle with cancer. If you want to be a part of the answer to providing this medicine, see the classified ad with the GoFundMe link at the end of the bulletin. Nora has been fighting cancer since her three children were preschoolers, and now her youngest is in high school and the two eldest are ECA graduates. Pray that God will surprise this family with miraculous provision so that Nora can take the needed medicine ASAP.
  • For wisdom for our teachers as they attempt to ensure a high quality academic quarter despite all of the interruptions and missed classes due to the protests.
  • For the selection process for our Director of Operations and Finance as well as for a new Receptionist starting in January.
  • For the needed funds to continue improving the gym and to begin the Annex building before June 2020. Pray especially for the contacts that Robbie Becker made during his early November fundraising trip in the USA, that God will move the hearts of those who heard about our need and our vision.
  • For our 5th & 6th graders as they host Hogar de Paz students at ECA on Fri, Dec 13. They plan to celebrate Christmas with them, giving a special devotional, and enjoying some fun activities together.


  1. Astrid Alvarez

    I will pray for each petition. Thanks God for ECA community

  2. Sandra Patricia Lopez

    Amado Padre Celestial! Ponemos en tus manos cada petición de ECA para que seas direcccionando la seleccción de cada siervo que vendrá para bendecir con su trabajo en cada área requerida (Maestros, Gerente de Operaciones, Recepcionista).
    Te rogamos por la salud de Norita López, para que haya la provisión para su tratamiento. Que Tu mano sanadora sea sobre su cuerpo. Gracias por escucharnos!

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