Praise and prayer


  • For the ECA Conference on Nov 16 on the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit that was a phenomenal time of teaching by Julián Gutiérrez. All in attendance walked away equipped and encouraged.
  • In early November Robbie Becker, our Fundraising Coordinator, went to the States on a fundraising trip. He made many great contacts, and donations were both given and pledged. Pray that the people he spoke with would be moved to give generously towards ECA.
  • For the new Christian media resource available to our entire ECA community, RightNow Media. If you did not receive the information to be able to use this extensive resource, contact the office.


  • For a hurting Colombia. Pray for wisdom for the leaders dealing with this complex situation of protest and unrest, pray for creativity in wrestling with difficult issues, pray for peace and a stop to the vandalism, stealing and violence, pray for healthy communication between the leaders of the opposition and the government, and pray for hope for a better future.
  • For the 100+ names that Beth brought back from the recruiting trip and for the important follow-up now. Pray for the five people who are currently in the application process and for many others who hope to make a decision about joining our team in the near future. Pray that the different university professors who interacted with Beth will point good candidates our way.
  • For the logistical process that the ECA office staff is dealing with as we transition to a new financial software which promises to improve our internal procedures. Join us in praying for our staff as they invest many extra hours that will result in benefits for the ECA community.

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