Praise and prayer


  • For our new 7th-10th grade computer teacher, Gustavo Chaparro, who joins us this week. A computer engineer, we are thankful for the skills and experience he brings to our students and community. Welcome, Gustavo!
  • For all the parents who came to Open House this past week to connect with our teachers and administrators, learn more about our curriculum, understand more about procedures, visit our rooms, talk with other parents, and pray for our school.

% of Families Who Attended Open House

  • For the high turnout for the Opening Day activities. The Lord blessed us with a lovely day outside, plus plenty of space for everyone to spread out and enjoy the fellowship. Highlights of our parent meeting included former ECA Board member Steve Bartel’s challenge, meeting many of our new staff, and input from our Board and PTF as well as different staff members.

  • For the way God used our elementary school counselor, Tatiana Peñuela, who was able to be the special speaker for the OBED schools in Villavicencio. Despite the challenges of travelling to Meta right now, Tatiana blessed both teachers and parents, sharing ideas from our Sex Ed project as well as other insights to help these teachers and parents grow.


  • For our annual staff retreat this Thu-Sat, Sep 5-7 when our entire staff will be in Arcobaleno in San Francisco for a time of fellowship, inspiration, and motivation. Pray that we will be united as we share worship and fun times of recreation together. Our special speaker is a former Baptist missionary to Mexico and more recently a pastor in Texas. He and his daughter will be challenging us with our 2019-20 theme of Service. Pray that as we personally grow in grasping a biblical view of service, we will be better prepared to help our students also grow in this ECA core value.
  • For Armando Fuentes, grandfather of 4th grader Jerónimo García Fuentes, who is in the ICU in a coma. He had an accident, hitting his head, and was originally on a respirator, but he’s breathing on his own at this point.
  • For our high school students who are preparing for their Sept 19-21 class service trips. Pray for the logistical planning and the preparation of the activities.
  • For Ric and Sharon Wiles, as they fly down this week to join our academic staff as MS math and HS Bible teachers respectively. They ask for prayers that Hurricane Dorian would not interfere with their travel plans.
  • For Henry Amado, Gloria Amado’s (2nd grade teacher aide) husband who has been experiencing severe pain the last 3 months. The pain started in his limbs and spread, necessitating multiple visits to the emergency room. We pray for the Lord’s healing and for wisdom for the doctors.



  1. cesar

    Excelente participación.

  2. Lauren Becker

    Praying for Henry, Mrs. Amado!

  3. Aida Moreno

    me pareció super la integración con los papas nuevos

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