Praise and prayer


  • For the first ECA Conference of the year that was held on Sat, Sep 21 here at ECA. It was a great time of teaching by Pastor Andrew Lupton on how to be better parents and how to better understand our children. We can’t wait for the next ECA Conference!
  • For safety for our ECA community during last week’s strike and the disturbances on the streets.
  • For HS Service Trips where our 9th-12th graders were able to serve in La Calera, Soacha, Lijaca, Tunja, and Pacho. Besides leading recreational, English and Bible activities, they were able to interact and encourage/challenge the students from these different places. In some of the places, relationships were forged and we saw God work as students made decisions to begin deeper relationships with God. In other service sites, our students were met with resistance and learned more about what God’s persistant love looks like. Besides the service opportunities, classes were able to bond and deepen their own relationships.
  • For the 7th/8th Retreat where our students enjoyed recreational and spiritually growing times together in La Vega.


  • For Beth’s recruiting trip which begins the week of Oct 7. Overall, Beth will be visiting over 15 colleges and universities, speaking in education classes or participating in recruiting fairs. Pray that God will be planting seeds in the hearts of future ECA teachers and that He will specifically draw the ones to ECA for the 2020-21 school year that are needed. Pray specifically for interactions in the following places, and if you know any possible teachers that Beth could connect with anywhere along the route, contact the ECA office and pass along the information.
    • Sun, Oct 6 – New Harvest Church of Scotland in Ontario, Canada
    • Mon, Oct 7 – Redeemer College in Ontario, Canada
    • Tue, Oct 8 – Heritage College and Seminary in Ontario, Canada
    • Wed, Oct 9 – Lakeside Church in Ontario, Canada (this church sends a monthly offering for the ECA construction project and they sent a team from their church last March to serve in Bogota)
    • Thu, Oct 10 – Tyndale College in Ontario, Canada
    • Mon, Oct 14 – Calvin College and Cornerstone College in Grand Rapids, MI and Wheaton College education seniors near Chicago, IL
    • Tue, Oct 15 – Wheaton College ESL class, Moody Bible Institute and Trinity Christian University, all in or near Chicago, IL
    • Wed, Oct 16 – Trinity International University and Judson College near Chicago, IL
    • Thu, Oct 17 – Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, IA and North Park University in Chicago, IL
    • Sun, Oct 20 – Glen Ellyn Bible Church near Chicago, IL
    • Tue, Oct 21 – Grand Canyon College in Phoenix, AZ
    • Thu, Oct 23 – Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA
    • Mon, Oct 27 – Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, TX
    • Tue, Oct 28 – Baylor University in Waco, TX
  • For Grace and Paul Kwon as they welcome their new baby (still not born but probably will be induced on Monday if nothing occurs over the weekend)
  • For Sol Izquierdo (Nurse) who has diverticulitis. She is receiving antibiotics and medicine for the terrible pain. After 3 days in the emergency room, she was moved to a regular room in Clínica Palermo on Friday. Pray for her recovery, and for the medical professionals to have wisdom from the Lord. FLASH: she’s at home recovering, and will be out all week.


  1. carolina zuñiga

    estaremos cubriendo en oracion todas esta ruta de la Señora Beth y por las otras peticiones.

  2. Astrid Alvarez

    I will pray for each peticion and the new teachers to next year . I will send the information for whatsapp to my daughters’ class.

    1. ECA Media Department

      Thank you! We appreciate it.

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