On-campus registration is Wed-Fri, July 31Aug 2 by appointment only, to sign your annual contract in person. On Mon, July 22 you will receive an invitation to sign up for a date and time.

If you cannot come for on-campus registration July 31-Aug 2, you may designate a representative, authenticated by a power of attorney. The power of attorney needs to be submitted by Fri, July 26.

Significant dates in the registration process are: 

            Date                    Item

M         Jul 22                  Last day to pay matriculation with a 5% discount

W-F     Jul 31-Aug 2      On-campus registration – appointments to sign annual contracts

F          Aug 2                  Last day to pay matriculation without a late fee of $100.000

F          Aug 2                  Last day to pay August tuition with a 10% discount

M         Aug 5                  Last matriculation date – has a late fee of $100.000

W        Aug 7                   Opening Day Activities


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