Parents, the Enrollment form (a Google document) for each of your children was due on Mon, April 22, along with any missing documents listed in the email you received from the Registrar in early April. If you did not meet the deadline, you will need to ask for access to the Google document again by paying the late fee of $60.000, plus another $60.000 if you have any missing documents that were not turned in by that date.

On-campus registration is Wed-Fri, July 31Aug 2 by appointment only, to sign your annual contract in person. On Mon, July 22 you will receive an invitation to sign up for a date and time.

If you cannot come for on-campus registration July 31-Aug 2, you may designate a representative, authenticated by a power of attorney. The power of attorney needs to be submitted by Fri, July 26.

Significant dates in the registration process are: 

            Date                    Item

M         Apr 22                 Enrollment forms and missing documents were due

M         Jul 22                  Last day to pay matriculation with a 5% discount

W-F     Jul 31-Aug 2      On-campus registration – appointments to sign annual contracts

F          Aug 2                  Last day to pay matriculation without a late fee of $100.000

F          Aug 2                  Last day to pay August tuition with a 10% discount

M         Aug 5                  Last matriculation date – has a late fee of $100.000

W        Aug 7                   Opening Day Activities


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