This week all parents will receive instructions, written by the Spanish teachers, of what students need to do on their family field trips. Elementary parents will also receive a link to the survey they will need to fill out for their children after the outing. You have 9 more weeks to have this family field trip, with surveys due by Mon, Dec 2.

This is a family affair, so you can choose one outing that all your children will enjoy together, and that will enable them to fill out their surveys with their different Educational Themes.

In the updated table below you will find a variety of activities to choose from, with links to a few websites offering more options, which might lead you to find similar websites – have fun exploring possibilities!


Educational Themes



(PK – 4th)

·     Biodiversity

·     Art and Culture

  • Theme Parks
  • Natural Parks
  • Historical Sites
  • Theatrical Works

Middle School

(5th – 8th )

·     Social Studies
(geography, democracy, Colombian history)

  • Historical Sites
  • Theatrical Works
  • Museums

High School

(9th – 12th)

·     Art and Culture

·     Government

  • Historical Sites
  • Theatrical Works
  • Museums
  • Government Entities



  1. Sandra Patricia Lopez

    Muchas gracias por información! Ayuda a elegir una buena alternativa.

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