Fri, Nov 29 is designated a family field trip day, but the outing can occur any day during 1st semester through Thanksgiving weekend. The purpose of this day is to encourage an educational field trip with the entire family. Field trips should last at least 3 hours. If your first field trip does not last that long, plan another fun trip with the family!

Each family will be sent a form by the end of August with instructions about what is expected, which should be completed immediately after the field trip. This form will also be available on the website. The deadline to submit the form with evidence of the trip(s) is Mon, Dec 2. All Spanish classes that day will focus on processing the field trips, through a specially designed activity, according to the theme of the class.

To help parents choose an activity, here are suggested ideas for various educational themes.


Educational Themes



  • Biodiversity
  • Art and culture
  • Natural parks
  • Theme parks
  • Natural reserves

Middle School

  • Social Studies
    (history, geography, democracy)
  • Museums
  • National institutions
  • Historical sites

High School

  • Art and culture
  • Linguistics
  • Government
  • Museums
  • Government entities
  • Tourist sites
  • Theatrical works


  1. Sandra Sanchez

    Me encantan estas iniciativas, siempre disfrutamos en familia 🙂

  2. Sandra Yaneth Guerrero

    GENIAL… ya tenemos varias ideas… super

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