Praise and prayer


  • For Kent Yohe’s improvement – Beth Afanador’s brother – now recuperating at home from the COVID-19 virus.

  • For the birth of Ezra Jiménez, son of former ECA teacher Rachel Osborn, on Tue, Apr 14, weighing 6 lbs 6 oz, and 20.5 inches long. Ezra means “help.” Rachel and Manuel asked God for help to have a natural birth instead of the planned C-section, and He answered! Rachel asks for prayer for the pain and healing after being cut and getting stitches.


  • For wisdom for governmental and health leaders as they make decisions that affect countries all over the world.
  • For our ECA leaders as they make the appropriate adjustments and seek creative options to keep our students learning and support them with the multiple changes.
  • For Carolina Zamora (Colombian Program Assistant), who went to the emergency room late last week after months of struggling with reflux and esophagitis. They found clots in her lung and “a stain on her heart.” Pray for her especially today, while she is going through lots of tests, that the Lord would guide the medical professionals to find exactly what’s wrong. Also pray for her family, who cannot visit her at this time, and for Carito to feel supported during this time alone in the hospital.
  • For our staff team for 2020-21 with all the uncertainties that are part of our current international panorama. Pray for those who are already committed to come, that they will be able to travel safely and join our team, and that they will be able to raise the necessary support. Pray for those who are in process and are seeking God’s confirmation. Pray for those spots we are still missing:
    • PK
    • 2 elementary teachers
    • Secondary Bible, math, science, and social studies
    • Learning Center Specialist / Special Ed
    • Music and PE
    • Director of development, recruiting assistant
  • For medical professionals caring for patients and fighting the COVID-19 virus, including:
    • Lucas Spicer, Viviana Afanador’s (class of 2010) husband, ER (emergency room) doctor, Toronto
    • Tatiana Penuela’s brother, Oscar Peñuela and his wife Tatiana Camacho, both doctors in Spain
    • Hannah Brougher (2010), a nurse on a COVID-19 ward
    • Carlos Owens-Hughes (2007), an ambulance paramedic in the U.S.
    • Katherine Yela, Monica Yela’s sister, a health professional working in a hospital in Florida
    • Heather (nurse) and Heidi (technician) working with COVID-19 patients in New Jersey, both daughters of Marv Retzer, former HS principal and Director of Development
    • Hannah Waite Flórez (2004), a nurse working with COVID-19 patients in Florida
    • Dr. José David Tellez, a psychiatrist and ECA father who is giving mental and emotional support to the health personnel and patients of the Colombia Sánitas hospital. Pray for wisdom from the Holy Spirit for effective interventions, and that his family does not get infected.
    • Health professionals Mr. VT asks prayer for:
      • Lauren Reiber, ER nurse, Scottsbluff, Nebraska
      • Brad Fowler, ER nurse, Indianapolis, Indiana
      • Alba Quintero, ER doctor, Bogotá
      • Sasha Fuentes, general practitioner, CAFAM, Bogotá

ECA Prayer Center

The ECA Prayer Center is now on our website where anyone can submit prayer requests and see others’ requests, so we can pray for one other. *One additional request has been added since this bulletin went to press.


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  1. Clara

    Pray for David Torres, Martha Rojas husband, He is a Doctor in Florida. Both are ECA former teachers.

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