Praise and prayer


  • We thank the Lord for His wisdom, grace, and strength as we begin this new unusual 2020-21 school year. We are grateful for the technology tools and the outstanding staff spread out over two continents who are allowing our students to receive an excellent education, despite the COVID situation. We thank God for supportive parents!


  • We continue to ask God for wisdom and support from government office workers as we seek first-time visas for over 10 new teachers, renew visas for 3 returning teachers, and help our 20 staff members who are currently not in Colombia figure out logistics for getting back to Bogotá as soon as it is wise and possible.
  • Last-minute request as the Bulletin was going to press: Pray for Sarah Leonard’s (Career Counselor) Mom Helen. Sarah is Board President Ben Leonard’s wife, and the family is up in Pennsylvania right now. On Wednesday, Sarah’s Mom (age 81) had a brain aneurysm and has had three surgeries since then: to stop the bleeding, to put in a shunt to reduce pressure in the brain, and to repair a lung puncture that occurred while they were inserting a breathing tube. The aneurysm was caught quickly, and she is in a good hospital, but the road ahead is long. The Leonards covet your prayers for them and for Sarah’s parents Roy and Helen.
  • We thank the Lord for the news that Pastor Juan Marcos Prpich has been moved out of ICU after a month on a ventilator, and has begun physical therapy in a regular hospital room. His family says it has been amazing, and they are thankful for prayers! Pray for continued improvement, as a month on a ventilator is very taxing on the body, especially the lungs.
  • Carolina Zamora, one of our office assistants, continues to struggle with the effects of cancer and chemo. Though she often feels weak, she is thankful for the love and prayers of the ECA community.

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