Praise and prayer


  • For the Parent Assembly and Workshops on January 25. Almost 70% of ECA families participated in the different activities. We offered 11 different workshops with an average of 28 people attending each. We thank the Lord for all the effort the ECA staff invested in these activities, and for all the families who attended.
  • For the 40 families who attended Admissions Day on January 23. Pray for God to make clear to them and to us whether or not ECA is the school for them.
  • We welcome Charlotte Bard to the admin team this week! She will be working with Sarah Trussell as the elementary principal this semester, then taking the role next school year.
  • For the thoughtful input and challenge our students received from scientists from the ministry Answers in Genesis this last week. They spoke on the 7 Cs of History and on Design in Astronomy, and the question and answer period was lively.


  • For the 78 high school students and 12 staff members who will be on the HS retreat Wed-Fri this week, as well as for Kelly and Cherie Green, who will be speaking on the theme “Identity and Purpose of Servant-Leaders.”
  • For the upcoming high school mission teams going to Amazonas, Bogotá, Chocó, La Guajira, and Turbaco-Bocachica. All high school students and their coaches are preparing the activities to go and serve the Lord. Many are still praying for funds, but we know the Lord will provide for all. If you feel the Lord is calling you to financially support a person or a team, contact

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