Praise and prayer


  1. For the new employees and student teachers that have joined our ECA staff team this semester, and for those staff members who are serving in new positions. We are grateful to God for His guidance in each process of hiring.
    • Óscar Gelves, Administrative Director (new title for Director of Operations and Finance)
    • Emily Camplejohn, ESL specialist (former student teacher)
    • Jenny Sánchez, receptionist
    • Daniela Gómez, Pre-Kinder B aide
    • Anna Berhow, student teacher in Kinder A
    • Claire Lasche, student teacher in 1st-2nd combo class
    • Carolina Serrano moved from 3rd grade teacher aide to elementary principal assistant.
    • Indira López moved from receptionist to 3rd grade teacher aide.
    • Robbie Becker continues to head up our fundraising drive, but he will also be back in the high school classroom with 9th Bible and with a volleyball elective.
  1. For our annual Alumni Brunch In December. We had a great group of people including alumni, some of their family members, and some current teachers.

  1. For the opportunity we had in December and in January to meet with multiple parents in parent/teacher conferences. Working together to best help our students grow academically, socially, and spiritually is a privilege, and it is important to share ideas, communicate perspectives, and seek options to best invest in our students.
  2. We are celebrating 40 years of ministry as a school this year and we are thankful to God for all He has done since our beginnings in the Nazarene church in the Pontevedra neighborhood in 1980!
  3. For the thought-provoking trip the senior class took to La Modelo jail last week as part of the program Delinquir no Paga.  Students learned about real life conditions in a Colombian jail through workshops given by inmates. Pray with us that this program will continue to impact young people and help them make wise choices.


  1. We are in process of hiring a new elementary principal to begin immediately to overlap before Sarah Trussell returns to the U.S. Pray as we check references and continue in communication with Charlotte Bard, who is currently serving at a mission school in Ghana. Before her time in Africa, Charlotte lived in California.
  2. For ECA’s admin team while they are off campus Mon-Tue, Jan 20-21 for their annual evaluation and planning retreat. Pray with us that this time can be used effectively to hear God’s voice and follow His plans for ECA.
  3. For God to draw the team members needed for 2020-21. We are currently in process with 5 different possible teachers for August and need about 10 more.
  4. For the upcoming mission trips to Amazonas, Chocó, Guajira, Turbaco / Bocachica, and Bogotá April 2-8. Pray for team training to go well, financial needs to be met so tickets can be bought, logistics to fall into place, and for each team member to prepare well spiritually.


  1. Sandra Patricia Lopez


  2. Johanna Arias


  3. Maria Angelica Tovar

    Recibido y leido

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