Praise and prayer


  • We are thankful for the team God has drawn together for this special year, where our COVID quarantines and home-based education plans will require unique skills and talents from our academic team. Though our teaching staff is spread out across the USA and in Colombia, we have almost all spots filled and have eleven staff members participating in our virtual New Staff Orientation. We thank God for His faithfulness in bringing us capable teachers during this challenging year!


  • For Profe Rocio’s mother who has been in the hospital for more than a week. She had an accident at home in which she fell and hit her head. She has been improving, but pray for a full recovery.
  • For the Gastelbondo family. Their grandmother went to be with the Lord after getting coronavirus. Their grandfather also got it, but he is at home after only having flu symptoms. Pray for his complete recovery, and that the Lord would comfort and strengthen him after the loss of his wife.
  • For the logistics to get our foreign missionary staff back to Bogotá, and for the visa paperwork which must be done differently than in recent years due to COVID-19. Despite the fact that some teachers will continue teaching from outside the country, we are attempting to have the bulk of our staff in Bogotá, ready for the hybrid model when students are allowed back on campus.
  • For our ECA community that has been affected by COVID-19 financially, emotionally, and/or medically, directly or indirectly. We know of ECA families where parents, grandparents, parents of alumni, and other family members are struggling with the virus. Pray for those responsible for their care, for God’s healing touch, and for comfort during these difficult times.
  • For Carolina Zamora, Colombian Program Assistant, who is still undergoing chemotherapy. Although her recovery has been better than expected, this is a process of ups and downs. Pray for her body to get stronger and for her health to continue to improve.
  • For Pastor Juan Marcos Prpich, who is still intubated but slowly getting better. The process can last up to 3 weeks but we are hoping it might be faster. His lungs  have shown signs of improvement that are very good. The Prpich family thanks you so much for your support and prayers.


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