Praise and prayer


  • For virtual interactions with ECA parents, especially in our Tuesday Coffee Chats. We appreciate the input, encouragement, and the chance to better understand one another.


  • For Carolina Zamora (Colombian Program Assistant). The first round of chemotherapy was rough and she struggled to sleep well, but she is home with her family and is feeling a bit better now.
  • For Tatiana Peñuela (Mrs. Ochoa, Elementary Counselor) who has been slowly recovering from severe back pain but is also fighting an infection.
  • We have been calling all ECA families for the last 2 weeks, and many of you have shared public prayer requests. To find other families’ prayer requests, go to ECA’s Prayer Center and, like the apostle James wrote, “…pray for each other so that you may be healed…” James 5:16 (NIV)
  • For the logistics and visas to get all of our foreign teachers (new and returning) back to Bogotá. Pray for creativity and wisdom as we seek to ensure having our staff here in August to be able to start school.
  • About 20% of our families have either had significant cuts to their income or have lost their jobs completely. Pray for these families specifically as they seek God’s guidance regarding meeting the financial needs of their families, and as they explore options for the future.
  • Continue to hold up the country, city, and school leadership as decisions are being made during this COVID-19 health crisis. Pray for wise input based on accurate information, for teamwork, for integrity in resource use, for coherency in decisions in different areas, for sensitivity to needs, and for Colombian residents to have responsible reactions to the situation we are facing.
  • For the staff members for 2020-21 we are still missing and for the three that are currently in the application process as we check references, interview, and put our staff puzzle together. These spots we are still missing:
    • 4th grade teacher
    • Secondary math, science, and social studies
    • Learning Center Specialist / Special Ed
    • Music and PE
    • Director of development, recruiting assistant

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