Praise and prayer


  • Though very different from our normal Teachers’ Day celebration, we enjoyed our virtual get-together and celebrating the following staff who have served on our ECA team for a significant time period. We were glad we could send each academic staff person still here in Bogotá a thank you gift of fruit to enjoy in their homes.
    • 5 years: Hannah Anderson, Zach Dalton, Debbie Rogers, Mónica Yela
    • 15 years: Clara Zambrano, Ángela Báez
    • 20 years: Claudia Gamboa
  • At our Staff Day celebration, these staff received recognition for their years at ECA:
    • 5 years: Claudia Valencia
    • 10 years: Giomar Méndez, Mark Rogers
    • 20 years: Margarita Segura
  • We are thankful for the five well-attended Town Hall meetings where we were able to respond to parent questions and share relevant information regarding these uncertain times that seem to change daily.
  • For the complete recovery of Emily Camplejohn’s grandfather. He was quarantined away from his wife for a while, but they are back together again! Double reason to celebrate and thank the Lord.


  • For Carolina Zamora, Colombian Program Assistant, as she is now home and starts chemotherapy on May 21. May the Lord use these therapy sessions to heal her completely.
  • For Tatiana Peñuela (Mrs. Ochoa), as she has had a terrible backache for 2 weeks. We ask the Lord to heal her back and that the medical treatment would be successful.
  • Keep praying for our new and returning teachers so that they can travel to Colombia and receive their visas in a timely way.
  • We have over 35 families that have communicated with us (about 15% of our ECA families) who have been hit hard financially with ripple effects from COVID-19 and whose family finances have been significantly impacted. Pray for creativity, wisdom, and efficient stewardship for these families, and for wisdom for our ECA team as we support these families.
  • For the Lobena and Asher employees who served us during the year who have not had their normal jobs since mid-March. Pray for God to provide their needs.
  • For our 12th graders as they finish their last 2 weeks of high school, take Advanced Placement (AP) exams, close this chapter well, and make decisions about their future, including college, ministry, or work choices. Pray for wisdom as we finish making logistical decisions regarding graduation and other end-of-year traditions being done in a new way.
  • For our president, our mayor, the Ministers of Education and Health, our ECA Board and admin team, and all others in positions of authority who are making difficult decisions regarding COVID, and our society’s response where there are complex choices that affect health and economic viability.
  • For our staff team for 2020-21. As some are in process, others are seeking God’s confirmation, and others are still knocking on doors. Pray for these spots we are still missing:
    • 4th and 5th grade teachers
    • Secondary Bible, math, science, and social studies
    • Learning Center Specialist / Special Ed
    • Music and PE
    • Director of development, recruiting assistant

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