If a student unexpectedly will miss all or part of a day, the parents should email attendance@eca.edu.co and the homeroom teacher (for elementary) by 8:30. Reasons must be unforeseen and legitimate or the absence will be marked as unexcused. Validity of excuses will be determined by the administration. If the absence is health-related, the school nurse should also receive a copy of the email at nurse@eca.edu.co.

For pre-arranged absences, elementary parents should email attendance, the principal, and the homeroom teacher, including the dates/times and the reason for the absence. Secondary students must turn in the completed Pre-Arranged Absence form to the main office before the absence, or it is not excused. Parent authorization can be through a signature on the form or an email to attendance@eca.edu.co. Notifications should be sent at least the school day before the absence; however, for absences longer than 3 days, a Pre-Arranged Absence form must be turned in 1 week in advance.

Further information can be found in the School Handbook, page 14.


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