New participants can still join the 5:00-6:00p ECALI classes that began last week and will run for 15 total weeks through Thu, May 27. English classes are on Tuesdays and Spanish on Thursdays. Cost for ECA families is $300.000 for the whole semester or $450.000 if both spouses enroll. Non-ECA participants pay $375.000 per person. After paying expenses, all surplus revenue will go to the ECA construction fund.

Click here to sign up and pay online at, or deposit your payment in Bancolombia Cuenta Corriente No. 932-07266053, Asociación Educando con Cristo, NIT 830.081.531-7. Send a copy of the payment/deposit slip to, and include the ECALI student’s name, cédula number, home address, and phone number.

Send any questions, including for prospective students outside of Colombia, to


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