Praise and prayer

Praise the Lord . . . 

  • For fEaster where we celebrated the Lord’s resurrection on March 26 with secondary students. Six MS students were baptized and 15 more publicly confessed that Jesus is Lord. We also glorified the name of Jesus sharing a picnic with friends, music, art, writing, and special guests. Blessed be the name of the Lord!
  • For Rubén Suárez (Class of 2011) joining the 2nd grade team, and for Alejandra Montoya joining the 1st grade team.


  • For a good 4th quarter in the midst of dealing with COVID and the uncertainties that come with that. Pray for wisdom to make appropriate decisions, and strength to be flexible as we strive to invest in our students with excellence.
  • For the ECA families who have been financially affected during our COVID season. Pray for wisdom, provision, and jobs for those who have lost them, and that the Lord would keep these families together, growing stronger in Him.
  • For Zoad Bendeck, mother of Sofía (12th) and Samuel (6th) Beltrán, who is still undergoing treatment for her degenerative autoimmune disease.
  • For Juliana Castellanos (9th) who had knee surgery in March. They removed the stitches last week and injected platelets for better healing. She is undergoing therapy, and little by little she is able to move her knee.
  • For Esteban Restrepo, father of Tatiana (Class of 2020) and Esteban (11th), who recently had a horse accident and surgery. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and a full recovery.
  • For our staff team for 2021-22. We still need:
    • 8 elementary teachers
    • HS science and math
    • PE
    • Art
    • Music
    • Learning center/special education specialist
    • Academic administrator

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