Praise and prayer


  • For the great August 7 Opening Day and Parent Assembly. We had 267 families on campus in three different groups throughout the morning. Students met teachers and started learning new routines. Parents shared time in the General Assembly with the Board, the Parent Coordinating Committee, the Director, the School Chaplain and the Director of Finance & Operations. Keep praying for the Lord’s plans at ECA to be fulfilled as we work out the “wrinkles” in the logistics with this new year.
  • For the new ECA families this year! Most of them participated in the New Family Orientation and most of the new students are in classes. Praise the Lord that the ECA family continues growing, and thus expanding the impact of our students as servant leaders who impact the world.


  • For the Lord’s protection for all members of the Colombian armed forces, especially for Julio Santos, father of Julián (2nd grade), who is a police officer and has gone through difficult times since the demonstrations started.
  • For Zobeily Ipuana, the daughter of a pastor in La Guajira. She is back home with her parents, her health is under control, and doctors continue trying to find out what caused the spinal inflammation not common in children. Keep the Wayuu ethnic group in your prayers.
  • For Sara Mendez León (Pre-K) who was diagnosed with leukemia. She has experienced miracles during this last month: only 1% of her blood has unhealthy cells now, down from 80% 3 weeks ago. Pray for a full recovery, and for stable heart rates.

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