Praise and prayer


  • We are thankful for the team God has brought to serve our community this 2021-22 school year. From England and India, as well as the USA and Colombia, we are blessed with an excellent team that is committed to helping our students “catch up” after last year’s limitations.
  • We look forward to using the new Annex Building that will be inaugurated this month with the school snack shop, staff/class kitchen, maintenance area, prayer room, drama storage/room, a classroom, and a terrace on the 3rd floor.
  • For the birth of Jane Matleena, born July 25, shortly after Matleena (Räikkönen) Johansen (former music teacher) and Eivind Johansen’s 2nd anniversary. Mateleena and her Norwegian husband now live in Finland.


  • For the new missionary staff who are adjusting to ECA and Colombia. We are welcoming 8-9 new missionary staff and 8 new Colombian staff to our team. Pray that each of them will have wisdom and joy as they move into their new roles.
  • For wisdom as we work out the adjusted COVID protocols for this new year. As we have our students and staff on campus again, we want to wisely protect our community from unnecessarily being affected by the virus.
  • For wisdom for our leadership team as we make organizational decisions to best serve our families and students with the uncertainties that continue to be a part of our reality.
  • For Emma Lopéz, Transportation Coordinator, whose husband passed away from COVID during the summer break, and for Jairo Pérez, security guard, whose wife passed away from a heart attack 2 weeks ago. Pray for strength for them and their families after these significant losses.
  • For Zobeily Ipuana, the daughter of a pastor we have had the blessing to serve with in La Guajira, who is struggling with a long-term illness and is now having difficulty moving her extremities. After several exams, causes are still not clear.

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