Praise and prayer


  • We thank all the ECA families who joined our General Assembly and the Parent Workshops a week ago. We started the Assembly with almost 140 families and another 80 joined later. ECA offered nine workshops and we had an average of 25 families participating in each one. Once again, thank you so much for your participation and don’t miss the next workshop on Fri, Feb 26 on Common Sense Parenting for Christians in the 21st century with James Nelson.
  • For our excellent ECA team! Last Friday we had the privilege of being TOGETHER in person! Though we were masked, kept distances, and followed hand-washing and other protocols, it was a blessing to see each other in person as a team for the first time for this 2020-21 school year. We had 92 staff members plus 2 Board members participate with our CREED employee activity where we described qualities we seek to promote in our team (Creativity, Resilience, Empathy, Effectiveness, and Development). We also shared devotions, had training on discipleship, had time in our teams, and just enjoyed the relationships we share.
  • That construction on the Annex building has begun! Though it is a bit nostalgic to have the entire wooden building gone after so many memories were made there, it is exciting to see the hole in the ground with pilings drilled in where our new Annex will be built. We are thankful for the low-interest short-term loan that we received to be able to complete the foundation, walls, and roof of the Annex within the timeframe of our construction license. We praise God for this new step, and as we move forward with the building, we are seeking God’s provision to be able to finish the Annex in 2021.
  • For the first Virtual Alumni Theology Night held on January 29. We had more than 10 alumni connect to discuss God’s Word and the importance of radical Christianity in all kinds of relationships. Praise the Lord for the chance for our alumni to connect as we all continue to seek opportunities to grow together!
  • For the opportunity to learn together. Our ECALI classes began this semester with about 30 students in Spanish classes and about 70 in English classes — including over 25 parents. We are glad we have this chance to grow in our language skills as a community, knowing also that any surplus income goes to our construction fund.
  • For the 22 new families who attended the virtual Admissions informational meeting on January 28.
  • For the 18 ECA 10th and 11th graders who took the PSAT exam the last week of January.


  • As we are seeking teachers to join our ECA team for 2021-22, pray with us that God will draw those He wants to invest in our students. Pray specifically for wisdom for the eight new possible candidates that Beth Afanador spoke with this past week during an ACSI virtual recruiting fair. Pray that God will clarify, guide, and give peace in moving forward with the application process if ECA is where God wants these teachers to serve. Also pray for new contacts for the missing positions including PK/Kinder and elementary teachers, art and PE teachers, learning center specialists, teachers of secondary Bible, math, and science, and administrators.
  • Continue to pray for Carolina Zamora (Colombian Program Assistant), as she deals with extreme pain and discomfort caused by the advanced cancer. Pray for a healing miracle, for wisdom for the medical team, for peace for Carolina and her family, for wisdom in decisions, for joy, and for confidence in God’s perfect will. Pray for peace for Carolina’s two daughters (1st and 6th grades), and pray for Fausto, Carolina’s husband, as he leads the family. Also pray for our community to best know how to support this beloved family.
  • For María Alejandra Rivas’ (Operations Coordinator) mother as she slowly recovers at home from the stroke she had 2 months ago. Keep praying for the gift of healing.
  • For the health of Oscar Gelves‘ (Administrative Director) father, grandfather of Miguel (12th) and María Paula (9th). He is now at home, receiving chemotherapy. Pray that God would draw him into a personal relationship with Himself, and that he would have wisdom in making decisions.

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