Praise and prayer

Praise the Lord . . .

  • For keeping the ECA campus COVID-free all these months!
  • For those families whose financial situations have started to clear up and have already started paying their debts to the school.
  • For the high school students who were able to take the Pre Saber and SABER 11o tests this past week.
  • That ECA was able to bless another school’s accreditation process with Beth Afanador’s (Director) and Yolanda Cardozo’s (Colombian Program Coordinator) presence last week. ECA is richly blessed with many excellent educators and administrators, and is delighted to share with and build up sister schools that are investing in the lives of their students, presenting Christ and His kingdom in tangible ways. This week Sara Jane Guzmán (Academic Director) will be assisting another school similarly.
  • For the Lord’s sustaining hand throughout 3rd quarter, even with all the myriad changes. ECA transitioned smoothly from a totally virtual learning model in January to an expanded hybrid model in February and March. ECA staff teamed up to work professionally, and parent collaboration and support were crucial to facilitating the hybrid model. Teachers have been striving to meet curricular goals and optimize learning in these trying circumstances that have stretched us all. We trust that God will continue to sustain and guide us through the next transition as we expand the hybrid model in the 4th quarter. 


  • For fEaster, in which secondary students will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus this Friday. Pray that students will accept the challenge to follow Christ more closely in a post-truth world.
  • For Zoad Bendeck, mother of Sofía (12th) and Samuel (6th) Beltrán, who is still undergoing treatment for her degenerative autoimmune disease.
  • For all the ECA families who have been financially affected in the last year. Some families are really struggling to finish the 2020-21 school year with no debt and some have already started paying. Pray for wisdom, provision, and jobs for those who have lost them. Also pray that the Lord would keep these families together, growing stronger in Him.
  • For our staff team for 2021-22. We still need:
    • 9 elementary teachers
    • HS science and math
    • PE
    • Art
    • Learning center/special education specialist
    • Administrator

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