Praise and prayer

Praise the Lord . . .

  • For the secondary families who attended the recent workshops where pertinent ECA student survey results about parent relationships and information about ECA teen-related issues were shared. We are sorry that there were fewer than five families participating in some grade-level workshops, and pray that next time more families will take advantage of these important moments to help ECA and parents work together to protect and challenge our ECA students. There are some pressing concerns about the extra pressures our students are facing during this COVID-impacted year with the huge spike in online connectivity. The workshops are recorded and can be requested at
  • For our Staff Day Celebration where 24 of our nonacademic team were able to enjoy an ajiaco lunch, a mountainside hike, and various team-building activities in Tabio. Six staff members were recognized for 5, 10 or 15 years of service at ECA! What a privilege to be together, encouraging one another in person, celebrating what God has done during this challenging year. We are so grateful for our nonacademic staff! Here are some pictures from our Staff Day Celebration. Thank you, ECA community for your gracious encouragement!
  • That our admin team was able to escape to Apulo for 4 days last week to focus on evaluation, strategic planning, organizational documents, and brainstorming. They were also able to spend time team building and praying. With the normal pressing routines, it is difficult to step back and work on these important big picture projects.
  • That Angela Vargas (Registrar) and her mother are out of danger after a difficult time struggling with COVID. They are still in the recuperation process, so keep praying for a full recovery.
  • For Germán Burgos‘ restored health. Profe Roci’s husband is doing well now after overcoming COVID. Thank you for your prayers.
  • For Esteban Restrepo, father of Tatiana (Class of 2020) and Esteban (11th), who is almost fully recovered after his recent horse accident and surgery. The medical procedures and therapies have been successful.


  • For the current situation in Colombia and the violence and vandalism that have impacted the country, amid the protests. May the Lord have mercy on our beautiful country and empower the authorities to make wise decisions.
  • For the following ECA community members fighting COVID:
    • Federico Sánchez (11th) and his mom, Patricia Cadena
    • Henry Pabón, father of Felipe (4th) and Juan (6th)
    • Daniel Álvarez, father of Samuel (6th)
  • For MS Bible teacher Tasha Moyer whose brother Andrew was eventually diagnosed with Meckle’s, a congenital defect of the gastrointestinal tract. They were able to repair it with surgery and he went home, but he had to be rehospitalized. They are monitoring his healing at the hospital until further notice.
  • For the ECA families who have been financially affected during this COVID season. Even though some families have experienced relief, nearly 10% of ECA families are struggling financially and still need our prayers. Pray for wisdom, provision, and jobs for those who have lost them, and that the Lord would keep these families together, growing stronger in Him.
  • For the needed staff for 2021-22 – an asterisk means an application is in process
    • Kindergarten
    • 1st*, 2nd*, 3rd*, 4th
    • 5th*, MS math/computers
    • HS math, science, Bible
    • PE*, music, art, Learning Center/special ed*
    • MS principal, HS principal*

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