Praise and prayer


  • For excellent participation in our first Town Hall Meeting of the 2021-22 school year, with 212 screens connected in the Spanish meeting and about 15 in the English meeting. It is a privilege to be able to use technology to amplify and improve our school/home communication!
  • For the HS Class Service Trips on September 17. Each class, 9th-12th, had their first 1-day service trip of the year. Our HS students’ efforts were a blessing as they spent positive, engaging, memory-building time together as a class while serving others. We thank God for safe outreaches and we pray we will have continued opportunities to serve this year.
  • That the 7th/8th grade 1-Day Retreat went smoothly. Our students had an enriching time when they reconnected and strengthened friendships, as they learned about the love of our Heavenly Father. Camilo Lancheros (Class of 2019) was our guest speaker, and he did a great job under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, together with the teachers who were leading the retreat.
  • For our elementary Spanish teacher Carolina Rico’s surgery on September 16, when the doctors were able to do everything they needed to do by laparoscopy. Even though it was major surgery, it was not as invasive as it could have been. Continue praying for a quick and successful recovery.


  • For marriages in general. The pandemic brought devastating effects on many marriages, and families around the world are struggling. Pray for wisdom and hope for families that need new insights/patterns/choices with communication, forgiveness, shared priorities, and joy. Also pray for those whom God uses to counsel these broken families.

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