Praise and prayer


  • What a privilege to celebrate Christ’s birthday together as a community at ECA on Dec 8. Watching our elementary and MS students use and develop their musical and drama talents to share the message of Christmas was truly a joyful opportunity. The fact that we have not been able to share moments together at shared events recently made this moment especially meaningful.
  • For the parent workshops with Álvaro Ramos where about 50 parents received encouragement and resources to enrich their family devotional times. Those families had the chance to learn, based on the analogy that our children are like arrows, about the importance of family devotions and the responsibility that parents have to facilitate spiritual growth at home daily. We are living in a difficult time that threatens our biblical values, so we need to make sure our children learn with the example we live in front of them.


  • For the transition as some staff members leave and others join our team. Pray for 1) those who are leaving to sense God’s guiding hand in their next chapter, and for 2) those at ECA who will miss their talents and support to be able to help make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • For the three student teachers who are coming in January (Kinder, 4th grade, and K-12 ESL) to serve at ECA. Pray for them as they finish their academic requirements and make the adjustment to living here in Bogota.
  • For Yonahatan Ochoa (School Chaplain) after his serious bicycle accident, from which he has a head injury, bruises all over his body, and intense pain. He is extremely grateful to the Lord that there are NO fractures. Pray for his recovery.

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