Praise and prayer


  • For a wonderful time on the high school retreat Feb 24-26. Our teachers gave heartfelt sessions, we had meaningful times of worship together, and there was a lot of fun to be had. Thank you for your prayerful support!
  • For the good time church leaders had on Feb 25 when 22 church leaders, representing 16 different churches, gathered on campus to explore the challenges that both the church and the Christian school are facing as we seek to encourage young people to follow Jesus while immersed in a culture that works strongly against us.


  • For the needed funds to complete the 3rd floor so we can use the additional classrooms. 
  • This is a very important time for foreign staff to make decisions about teaching overseas in the 2022-23 school year. Pray with us as we are in contact with possible teachers, that God will be moving in hearts. At this moment, we currently have 2 missionary teachers committed for next year, 5 in process with applications in hand, others in a search mode, and other spots where we have no candidates in mind yet. PRAY especially for the areas where we still have no idea who God is speaking to about joining our team, that God will give us wisdom and creativity to find teachers with the ECA profile. Pray for wisdom in our interview process that we will discern who is a good fit for our school. Pray that God will bring over 15 teachers to our team! Current needs include:
    • 3 teachers in PK-1st
    • 5 teachers in 2nd-4th
    • English, math, social studies, science, and Bible in secondary
    • Learning Center/special education
    • ELL specialist
    • MS counselor
    • Electives
    • Director or Assistant Director
  • For Colombia’s congressional elections that will take place on Sun, Mar 13. ECA is not promoting any candidate, but we invite ECA families to pray for ECA-connected families running for office. These candidates belong to different parties and have unique proposals that we encourage you to study. The ECA-related candidates (current or past parents or spouse of ECA former staff, and a missions trip contact) are: Alejandro Ospina (#15), Carlos Acosta (#10), Clara Sandoval (#112), Edwar Álvarez Vacca (#501), and Sara Caicedo (#102). Pray that they will reflect godly values in this process, and that the Lord will give them the opportunity to serve Colombia with integrity.

Note: if you know any other ECA-related candidates (current or past parents or staff, alumni, etc.) that we should be praying for, send an email to

  • For wisdom, provision, and protection for the upcoming Mission Trips, as leaders are making important decisions now. Pray that the work that ECA students are doing will have an impact on people’s relationships with the Lord. For more information about the mission trips, click here. You can also find which Mission Trips your children’s classes are supporting here.
  • For protection for ECA families. Our young people are under attack and they are being tempted to make poor choices more than ever before. Pray for strength for our students and wisdom for our families and staff.
  • For pregnant women who see abortion as a way out of their situations and problems. Pray that the Lord would speak to their hearts and show them options for the future without harming their babies. Pray for wisdom for those who are working to make changes to the current ruling.

For a wonderful fun time at the 9th grade family get-together on Mon, Mar 21.


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