Praise and prayer


  • For the Alumni Brunch in December – We were so excited to host our annual Alumni Christmas Brunch! It was a blessing to have alumni from a variety of graduating classes, ranging from 2002 to 2022; how refreshing to see them all and hear about how the Lord continues to work in their lives. Through a delicious brunch and fun activities, we had the chance to remind our alumni that they are still very much a part of the ECA family and how loved they are after all these years. Please join us in continuing to pray for our alumni community. 
  • For New Staff this semester…we are thankful for each one who has joined our ECA team, coming from Spain, Bulgaria, Canada, and the USA, as well as those filling positions new to them:
    • Esdras García is teaching HS social studies. Esdras is from Spain, but has lived and studied in the USA since his last year of high school.
    • Denise Lockhart, former missionary teacher/administrator in Bolivia, originally from Canada, is teaching in PK.
    • Three student teachers are investing in our students as they work on their practicums:
      • Shyanne Garcia is in 4th grade,
      • Alexandria Carroll is supporting our ESL students, and
      • Boriana Raykova is in kindergarten.

Shyanne and Alexandria are finishing their studies at Emmaus Bible College in Iowa. Boriana is originally from Bulgaria and is finishing her college studies in Chicago.

    • Giselle Paola Londoño served last semester as an administrative assistant, but this semester she is serving as our receptionist.
    • Rocío Navarro (maid) has joined our cleaning team.
  • For the opportunity to meet with parents during Quarter 2 Parent/Teacher Conferences, to partner together to support our students in their academic, socio-emotional, and spiritual growth.


  • For the staff team for 2023-24 as our recruiting team is making contacts, responding to inquiries, and conducting interviews. Pray that God would draw those whom He wants on our team to apply to ECA!
  • For pastor Jaime Useche, director of YWAM Amazonas with whom we have partnered for the past decade or so – he is struggling with his health and had to travel to Cali to get better and quicker medical attention.
  • For God’s favor in processing the visa applications submitted for our foreign staff.

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