ECA’s contracted provider for food service is ASHER Productos Alimenticios S.A.S.

Lunches are prepared in the ECA kitchen, which is approved by the Secretary of Health. A nutritionist ensures that the menus offered and the food served is the quality and quantity that is appropriate.

All communication regarding lunches/snacks should be sent to

ASHER Productos Alimenticios S.A.S.

Who are We?

We are a new and vibrant company created to provide cafeteria food services, so people can enjoy healthy, novel, delicious, and pleasing food. We work with the freshest and very best quality ingredients and follow top hygiene standards in the development of our own homemade recipes, mostly starting from scratch. The end result is a greatly satisfying product for our customers.


For each person to eat delicious food, enjoying an extraordinary experience as we introduce high quality recipes, so they can enjoy new dishes. We have dedicated ourselves to using only fresh ingredients, the best quality meats, and certified suppliers to create genuine substantial meals.


  • For the company: To be responsible in complying with all mandates of law, to generate satisfactory employment opportunities and be a model for other companies.
  • For our diners: To have complete confidence in our products because they count on us to be an honest company that prepares all its high quality recipes passionately in a clean cafeteria.
  • For our employees: We create a friendly work environment where the employee is valued as a person and not just for their culinary skills, where they have the opportunity to be trained for professional and personal growth.
  • For our contractors: To be a vital support in their contracted area, in order to have the greatest satisfaction in our services.


  • Christian Principles: we are a company with biblical principles as its foundation.
  • Honesty in the workplace: that the product we deliver is the one offered
  • Integrity in the use of all fresh ingredients, and in compliance with industry standards
  • Adherence to established schedules
  • Joy and passion in food preparation