A variety of extracurricular activities have been offered at ECA, depending on interest and available teachers/coaches. Below is information on activities offered.

  • Tennis: All ages can come and learn tennis skills with a trained coach! Once a week we will build endurance and practical skills to play a mean competitive game of tennis.
  • Basketball: Middle school and high school grades are combined to play and develop basketball skills. This activity will also develop teamwork and leadership as you work together to make baskets!
  • Worship Choreography: Dance and interpreting music is a way to worship and bring glory to God. Many different types of dance will be incorporated, depending on the interests of the dancers, including African, ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, ballroom, and more! There will possibly be performances for chapel and at the end of the semester!
  • Soccer Team: Open to High school students, for competitive games against other schools! The first month starts off as an intense practice/tryout phase, then competition starts and games are played against other schools to display the best talent.
  • Swimming: Open to all ages. Students are brought to a swimming pool to practice, learn, and develop swimming strokes, patterns and techniques. Fun games and friendships are cultivated.
  • Volleyball Team: Open to High School girls who are ready for some competition against other schools! The first month is filled with practice and team development. Then competition with other schools begins. This is a great way to develop leadership, teamwork skills, and of course a mean serve!
  • Elementary Soccer: This club is for the young’uns. This is a safe place for those in 4th grade and younger to begin to learn true soccer skills and the drills that make any great soccer player!
  • Elementary Choir: For students in 4th grade and younger. Here they learn how to sing with other students and continue to learn inspirational, worship-filled songs for the glory of God. They sing in Chapel and even the semi-annual recital!
  • Art Club: Come learn all about art. Have you ever wanted to paint, draw, sculpt, or even just bring out your creative side? Then this is the place for you! You will not only learn skills and technique, but you will have the chance to be creative and cultivate a skill you may not have even known you had!
  • Music Lessons: Ever wanted to learn how to play piano, drums, violin, guitar, and more? Well, we have some of the best teachers that will work individually with you to develop those skills starting at your current level! You can learn an instrument all semester long with weekly 30-minute sessions.
  • Chess club: Come play for free during your lunch time! You will get a chance to learn and develop the secret art of chess!

Not seeing what you love? Well, we can start a club! If you are truly interested in something that you do not see, then come talk to the Activities Coordinator and we can plan the first steps in creating what fits you!