2 Points per Parent

Parents, remember we have PTCs Wed-Fri, Oct 16-18. All parents, preferably both mom AND dad when possible, are expected to meet with their children’s teachers, both those who teach in English and who teach in Spanish. We really encourage you to come for these personal conferences, for this is the only time set aside during the school year for ALL parents to meet with the teachers who spend so much time with your children. Be ready to ask questions, listen, and give suggestions of how we can best work together to help your children take advantage of their ECA learning opportunity.

Elementary parents need to come for their individual appointments according to this chart. Please respect those families who have appointments after you by coming on time. If you are more than 5 minutes late, you may need to wait until after others’ appointments are finished.

MS and HS conferences are in blocks (not individual appointments) on Thu or Fri, Oct 17 or 18 according to the chart below. During this block, you will have the opportunity to meet with multiple teachers, and you are encouraged to talk specifically with teachers of classes where your child needs extra support or challenge. If you have questions, contact ms.principal.assistant@eca.edu.co or hs.principal.assistant@eca.edu.co

Thu OR Fri, Oct 17-18


1st Initial of Family Name

1:00 – 2:00

A  B  M  N

2:00 – 3:00

C  Ch  D  E  O  P

3:00 – 4:00

F  G  Q  R  S

4:00 – 5:00

H  I  J  K  L  T  U  V  Y

Be sure to sign in with your cédula at the receptionist’s office to ensure you get Family Points. Parking is available as usual at Mi Margarita for $5.000.



    Mi hijo Simón Hoyos está en 5 grado. La reunión según cuadro puede ser jueves o viernes de 4 a 5?

    1. ECA Media Department

      Sí señor.

  2. Loreni Fajardo

    las actividades académicas para los niños continúan normalmente durante las conferencias? mil gracias por su respuesta

    1. ECA Media Department

      Buenas tardes,
      El jueves 17 y viernes 18 son mediodías académicos. Los estudiantes asisten al colegio hasta las 12:00.

  3. JosueReyes

    Si la cita es después d e las 12, que pasa con los niños de pk; nuestra cita es a la 1:30pm.

    1. ECA Media Department

      Buenos días,
      Agradecemos comunicarse con la asistente de Elemental al correo elem.principal.assistant@eca.edu.co o 7422330 ext. 132. Ella les brindará la información necesaria para este caso.


    Para MS no hay que confirmar cita sino acudir cualquiera de los dos días en las horas programadas?

    1. ECA Media Department

      Así es.

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