2 Points per Parent

Are you coming to the parent workshop Sexual Abuse Awareness Training created by MinistrySafe®, on either Tue or Wed, Sep 25 or 26 from 7:30a to 9:15? Training will be in both English and Spanish.

Numbers of children affected by sexual abuse are significant (one out of four girls and one out of six boys under the age of 18 in the USA) and growing. And since abusers have no visual profile, access to technology is easier than ever, and the child protection laws in our country are weak, we need to be equipped to better protect our own children and the children in our churches and ministries against sexual abuse.

For more information go to: www.abusepreventionsystems.com/the-safety-system/awareness-training/

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  1. Liliana Gómez

    Que bien me alegra muchísimo que en el Colegio se preocupen por este tema. Nadie esta exento de esto, a cualquiera le puede pasar y esta en todas las clases sociales y creencias. Gracias al ECA los felicito. Con la prevención o descubrir un caso, es una viada mas que se salva a un niño del infierno y no se permite que el enemigo lo aleje del propósito para el cual vino a este mundo. Dios los bendiga!

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