All parents are automatically members of the Parent/Teacher Fellowship. The PTF’s purpose is to encourage parent-teacher communication and parent involvement at ECA which benefits students, teachers, and parents. The PTF meets at least bi-annually (asamblea general), on the first day of school in August and at the beginning of 2nd semester. In the August meeting, the PTF Coordinating Committee is ratified. This committee is formed by volunteer parents and designated members of the administration. The PTF Coordinating Committee supports the parent representatives and organizes PTF activities and projects.

General objectives include:
  • Promote interaction and fellowship among the parents
  • Mobilize families to pray for ECA teachers and give them moral support and practical help
  • Motivate parents to grow in their role as active participants in their child’s development
  • Provide educational/recreational opportunities not available in the regular curriculum
Traditional events that PTF supports include
  • Back-to-School Picnic in August
  • Open House in September
  • Biannual Parent Assemblies
  • Parent Educational Workshops throughout the year
Parent Council / Consejo de Padres (Parent Representatives)

The Parent Council consists of one to three parent representatives per grade level. The Parent Council’s purpose is to ensure continuous parent participation in the educational process and ensure quality results. In the August PTF meeting (asamblea general), the Parent Council is chosen, based on previous nominations.

PTF Coordinating Committee

The PTF Coordinating Committee supports the parent representatives and organizes PTF activities and projects.

Parent Rep Responsibilities (Parent Council/ Consejo de Padres)
  • Electing two representatives to the Directive Council in the August Parent Council meeting, complying with Colombian law
  • Encouraging parental involvement in ECA events, including PTF activities and fundraising projects
  • Coordinating a minimum of one parent prayer meeting per semester where the focus is prayer and sharing issues pertaining to their specific class and ECA
  • Ensuring that appropriate issues are discussed in class prayer meetings
  • Being a communication channel between parents and ECA and ensuring that concerns are directed to the appropriate authority. All communication should be based on Biblical principles (Matthew 18).
  • Serving as the contact point for the teacher – someone s/he can call for support and/or practical help
  • Spending time with the teacher outside of school and encouraging other families to do the same
  • Celebrating the teacher’s birthday in elementary and when possible in secondary
  • Coordinating parental involvement per teacher request
  • Attending three Parent Council breakfasts (August, January, and May) to share ideas, pray, and receive input on school events and needs

In accordance with the school mission statement, class representatives’ work must reflect discipleship, service, and respect for all. This labor does not imply any power position. On the contrary, any parent can take initiatives that enhance the class, and the class representatives serve as suitable channels, in a non-exclusive way, to discuss and implement initiatives with the class.