Each student is a whole being with spiritual, intellectual, emotional/ personal, social, and physical needs that must be considered in the formulation of goals, objectives, and curriculum. We strive to encourage and model Biblical standards as far as attitudes, speech, and conduct, desiring that each student pursue a lifestyle of moral and sexual purity. The goal of ECA is to help each student meet the following outcomes.
1. Spiritual
  • Understand the worth of every human being as created in the image of God
  • Recognize s/he was created for a purpose
  • Realize that God is active in all aspects of life
  • Realize that s/he is a sinner in need of grace and forgiveness
  • Encounter Jesus Christ in a personal way as Savior and Lord
  • Acknowledge not only that God is a loving Father concerned with all aspects of his/her life, but also that God’s holiness requires his/her reverence and awe
  • Believe the Bible is the Word of God and is divinely inspired, without error in the original manuscripts, and authoritative in matters of fact, faith, and practice
  • Gain Biblical knowledge that will support spiritual experience and allow for spiritual growth
  • Apply Biblical knowledge to life experiences
  • Realize the lost condition of people without Jesus Christ, and be involved in opportunities locally and around the world to share God’s love in a culturally sensitive manner because of faith in Jesus Christ
  • Be involved in an evangelical church community
2. Intellectual
  • Develop intellectual curiosity and be committed to lifelong learning
  • Search for truth in an atmosphere of encouragement and acceptance
  • Develop the ability to ask questions, think critically, solve problems, and make wise decisions
  • Know how to utilize resources, including technology, to find, analyze, and evaluate information
  • Articulate and defend their faith and their Christian worldview while having a basic understanding of opposing worldviews
  • Be well-prepared in all academic disciplines
  • Primarily, develop the communication skills of listening, reading with understanding, speaking, and writing in native-level English
  • Also, develop the communication skills of listening, reading with understanding, speaking, and writing in Spanish
  • Be proficient in math and science
  • Have a knowledge and an understanding of people, events, and movements in history (including church history) and the cultures of other peoples and places
  • Appreciate literature and the arts, and understand how they express and shape beliefs and values
3. Emotional / Personal
    • Have a Biblical basis for a realistic self-image that includes recognition and acceptance of weaknesses as well as strengths
  • Develop the capacity to give and receive love
  • Recognize, understand, and express emotions in appropriate ways
  • Develop the ability to choose proper responses, and to demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit in life situations
  • Identify God-given abilities and develop them
  • Be good stewards of finances, time (including discretionary time), and all other resources, and choose contentedness in all things
  • Understand that work has dignity as an expression of the nature of God
4. Social
  • Accept who s/he is in Christ Jesus as a basis for relating to other people
  • Embrace attitudes and standards of behavior that reflect moral integrity and promote kindness and sensitivity toward others, while practicing justice and peacemaking in the family and society
  • Have a critical appreciation of languages and cultures of other peoples, dispelling prejudice, promoting interethnic harmony, and encouraging Biblical hospitality
  • Appreciate and respect Colombia, as well as personal and peers’ cultural origins
  • Understand, value, and engage in appropriate social (community) and civic (political) activities
  • Practice responsible stewardship of God’s creation
  • Participate in activities that will prepare him/her to live a godly life in a changing world
5. Physical
  • Accept his/her physical self as s/he has been created
  • Understand and care for his/her body as the temple of the Holy Spirit
  • Develop his/her physical potential and skills
  • Enjoy a wide range of sports and physical activities