Following are some of the ways ECA fosters a positive atmosphere for our missionary staff. Click here to download a PDF version.

All foreign teachers and staff are encouraged to come to El Camino Academy as missionaries who raise some of their support from their home church, friends, and family. ECA provides all missionary staff a monthly stipend (in pesos) to offset living expenses for 10 months (Aug – May)

We have a full-time nurse at ECA who helps with all minor health issues, and networks with over 10 doctors and other medical professionals from among our students’ parents when necessary for consulting, prescriptions, or services.
Our HR assistant helps set up medical appointments, accompanied if needed by an escort who can manage both languages, and oversees home and hospital visits when necessary.
We provide basic Colombian health insurance, and you can buy a complementary policy for enhanced service.
We provide licensing so all our missionary staff can have the latest version of various types of software on their personal computers (Microsoft Office, etc.).
We have a few U.S. phone lines at the school for use at no cost to staff.
Wi-Fi is provided throughout the school for high-speed Internet access.
Our system administrator and other advanced computer users on our team provide technical support for many personal computer issues.
We provide professional development throughout the year and offer scholarship opportunities for approved programs, classes, and workshops.

Staff Devotions and Worship

We have weekly devotional and worship times in English, coordinated by our chaplains.

Staff Retreat

We have an annual 3-day spiritual retreat outside of Bogotá with Board members who are able to join us.

Prayer Partner

Our chaplains connect staff with a weekly prayer partner for the year, and provide opportunity for spiritual accountability and mentoring.


We provide help in getting connected with a local church.

Bible Studies

We provide opportunity for joining small group Bible studies, on and off campus.
We have a festive Christmas dinner for all staff, both missionaries and Colombians, and their spouses – one of the few times we are ALL together.
We celebrate Teacher Day in May with a half day of school and a special lunch courtesy of the Board, followed by an activity such as bowling, horseback riding, or visiting a tourist attraction.
The Board gives special Christmas and Teacher Day bonuses which are often coupons that can be used at local stores.
Working at ECA provides opportunity to interact with a diverse, multi-age staff and community focused on the same goals and who rely on one another, help one another, and encourage one another.
Many of our missionaries live within walking distance of other missionaries. In addition, Bogotá boasts some of the most beautiful malls in the country and most of our missionaries live a short distance from one of these commercial centers, which provide shopping, entertainment, restaurants and banks.
Free tuition for missionary staff children attending ECA.
You get automatic membership in CAFAM, with an extensive fitness center conveniently located on the way home
We provide subsidized daily lunches on all workdays. This usually includes choice of entrée, soup, salad bar, and drink.
We provide transportation to and from school in chartered vans, with pick-up points near where most of our missionaries live.
We have bread and hot chocolate each Friday morning before teacher meetings.
Most missionaries live within a 15-minute drive of the school, and close to various forms of public transportation. Some bike to school.