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Job Vacancy

From Laura Moros (ECA Alumni 2008) – La Universidad El Bosque está buscando un docente de inglés para el Centro de Lenguas. Si saben de alguien que sea egresado en alguna licenciatura o en lenguas modernas, me pueden escribir para enviar la hoja de vida. Mi correo personal es lauritamoros@gmail.com

Missions Week theme last year was Transforming Our World. Alumni shared testimonials to inspire students to pray about their possible future as missionaries.

Goods and Services

This is a space we created for our alumni to share with the ECA community the goods and services that you provide so we can help your business thrive. If you would like to advertise here, send your ad to alumni@eca.edu.co and we will upload it on the website.

Job offerings

If you are looking to hire someone, or know of a job offering where you work, send us an email at alumni@eca.edu.co with the following information so we can post the job:

  • Vacancy title
  • Name of company/institution offering the job
  • Academic requirements
  • Work experience requirements
  • Pay scale

As a community, we want to help our alumni find jobs or find candidates to fill positions in their businesses, to support fellow alumni.