These rules are in effect from the beginning of the first class to dismissal, normally 7:30a to 3:00p. 1st-12th grade students must wear ECA shirts to school every day. New students have up to 1 week to be in uniform, beginning the day they start school. For 5th-12th graders, the outer layer must always be ECA clothing and the ECA shirt must be visible. Secondary PE uniforms: All students must wear dark-colored sweatpants or dark-colored loose knee-length athletic shorts, an ECA shirt, and appropriate closed athletic shoes with socks. Hats may be worn, but not dangling earrings or jewelry. Elementary PE uniforms: 1st-4th students should wear an ECA shirt, dark-colored sweatpants, and appropriate shoes. PK and K students should wear appropriate shoes and clothes for athletic activities. Any shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, etc., for a special interest group (sports team, drama team, etc.) to be used in place of the ECA uniform, must use the basic ECA colors, include “ECA,” and have the design pre-approved by the administration. NOTE: ECA clothing and all outer clothing should be labeled.