Amazon 2014 – April 10
Thank you for your prayers for our team that arrived in Leticia at 11:00 this morning. The report is that:
  • There was some confusion about where to pick up the luggage, so they hope they have it all. They’ll find out when they repack tonight. Pray that everything made it.
  • One piece of good news is that when the supervisor at the airport heard that they were going to Amazonas to give medical aid, the airport personnel didn’t charge them for their extra luggage!
  • As we were writing this, the group was split up – Colombians have some extra paperwork to fill out for leaving the country. The foreigners have gone on ahead to the YWAM base with all the luggage. This was expected.
  • Everyone’s in good health and good spirits!
We’ll be sending out updates every morning, the Lord willing, with the latest praises, prayer requests, and any changes in schedule. If you would like to see their planned schedule, you can click here and it will open in your browser. If you would like to see photos of most of the team members, click here.Again, thank you for your prayers for our team!

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