Good Neighbor Day

Since our desire is that ECA is a safe place for all of our staff and students, we have different ongoing programs to assure, in as many ways as we can, that all of our community feels safe at El Camino. When we feel safe, we can study and work more effectively, and this sense of security allows us to take advantage of the opportunities at school.

This year, all of our staff have been trained to be more aware of how to protect our students from sexual abuse, with an excellent video program called Ministry Safe. This video series has been a good reminder that we adults at ECA have to be constantly vigilant to protect our students from those who might want to cause harm for their own personal satisfaction.

We not only are sharing this training with academic and office staff and our maintenance crew, but also with our guards, transportation and cafeteria teams. Our parents have also had the opportunity to receive the training, and we are planning to share these important principles and guidelines with the ministries where we serve.

What are we doing to be a safe place?

Good Neighbor Campaign LogoWe have initiated the Good Neighbor Campaign this year to encourage an atmosphere of respect and honor among the students at ECA.

Based on the story of the Good Samaritan, where the good neighbor is described as the one who showed mercy, we are working with all of our students to teach them qualities and habits that will help them be positive members of their peer groups. We want them to know how to stand up to bullying and not just be a passive observer, how to take initiative to show kindness and mercy, and how to include those who feel left out.

To reinforce these truths we have been watching videos and doing activities. Our desire is that ECA will be known for kindness among the students. We want all of our students to feel safe, loved and included, no matter who they are… new arrivals, those who struggle physically or academically, those from different places, those who don’t share all our beliefs, etc.

Committees and more…

We also have different committees and systems in place to guarantee that when there are threats to our environment of safety, we can step in quickly and efficiently to respond to those situations. School relations committees, both for students and staff, function to safeguard the environment so we can work and study. Members from many sub-groups participate in these committees to help safeguard our community.

Besides the programs mentioned above, our staff is continually seeking ways to reinforce the importance of kindness, respect and honor. El Camino is full of imperfect people (like anywhere else), who sometimes forget or even choose not to be loving, but together we want to band together to fight for a safe, welcoming ECA.

With God’s help and examples, we know we can be a Christian school not only in name, but because of the love that is displayed. As the well-known song says, our desire is that all “will know we are Christians by our love.”


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