Our mission to Bucaramanga this year is to show the love of Christ to the amazing children of the Wedge Alman School by bringing them a Vacation Bible School. These children, who live in an estrato 2 neighborhood of Floridablanca, Santander, called El Retiro (about a half-hour drive from Bucaramanga) have not experienced the same kinds of opportunities and privileges that ECA students have. Every one of our ECA students and staff members can expect to fall in love with one or more of these children, with their contagious smiles.
The school’s director, Jorge Gómez, lives in the community, right across the street from the school, and is well known by the community’s leaders. This ministry is supported by a church in the neighborhood, and by teams like ours that visit, most from other parts of the world.
To relax a bit during the trip, we will be sharing an asado at the home of one of our ECA students’ grandfather. On another occasion, our more adventurous students and staff members will parasail the skies (with a certified instructor, of course!). The rest of us will enjoy a quiet afternoon at the nearby Acuaparque.
4th grade is supporting this team with prayer and encouragement!

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